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you are searching for Vitamin B12 Source and upay in gujarati? here we provide all source of Vitamin B12 in natural. Nonveg is rich in vitamin B12 from seafood, eggs, meat, liver and kidneys.

Dr. Describing a case, Trivedi said a 35-year-old patient was suffering from constant weakness and the skin on his hands had turned black, especially the joints of his fingers. She mostly kept her hands covered. Tests revealed that her body’s vitamin B12 levels were getting very low. As B12 is essential for the formation of blood cells and skin cells, its deficiency can lead to vitiligo. Because of this the patient often feels tired, lethargic. Sometimes the legs and arms also feel empty. Dry skin and blemishes are also symptoms of B12 deficiency.

Memory is impaired

Prolonged B12 deficiency can also lead to memory loss, mood swings, depression, and occasional falls. According to the study, most of the people in India are deficient in Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 deficiency is especially common among vegetarians. B12 deficiency also occurs in the body due to the intake of antibiotics, anti-diabetics etc. Smoking and alcohol are also responsible for B12 deficiency. Therefore, if they are non-vegetarians but are addicted to alcohol and smoking, they may also be deficient in vitamin B12. The body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12 decreases with age. Therefore, even in older people, special deficiency of B12 can be seen.

Special care for pregnant women

It is very important to check if the body is deficient in Vitamin B12, especially during pregnancy. This is because if this defect is present then the development of the fetus may be hindered. Dr. According to Jayesh Trivedi, vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to low birth weight, nervous system disorders and other problems.

The diet consists of B12:

Nonveg is rich in vitamin B12 from seafood, eggs, meat, liver and kidneys. While vegetarian foods do not contain B12 from any plant, they can still obtain B12 from milk, cheese and yeast. Doctors advise vegetarians to eat fortified foods. Dr. Krishnan advises that Vitamin B12 is also found in soybean hydroponic lettuce, mushrooms, seaweed etc. It does not contain a lot of B12 but it is better to take it than nothing. Doctors advise that once you reach the age of 45, you should take a vitamin B12 pill or a fortified meal.

You are searching for Vitamin B12 Source and upay in gujarati? here we provide all source of Vitamin B12 in natural. Nonveg is rich in vitamin B12 from seafood, eggs, meat, liver and kidneys.


Natural source of vitamin B12

Eggs: Eggs are considered to be beneficial for Vitamin B12. If you eat 2 eggs a day, 46% of your daily requirement of Vitamin B12 can be met. Eating eggs can also make up for the deficiency of many other nutrients in the body.

Yogurt: Vitamin B complex B2, B1 and B12 you get from yogurt. Along with this it has many advantages. From which the body also gets a lot of nutrition.

Oatmeal: Oats are eaten a lot for breakfast. It is rich in fiber and vitamins. Oats contain high levels of B12. Which keeps you healthy

Milk: Vitamin B12 deficiency can be met from milk. This is an excellent source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians.

Shrimp: If you are a carnivore, you can eat shrimp. Many of these are rich in vitamin B12.

Soybeans: Soybeans are rich in Vitamin B12. If you can eat soymilk, tofu, or soybean vegetables.

Cheese: You get vitamin B12 from Swiss cheese. It contains high levels of Vitamin B12. Cheese is essential for your health.

Broccoli: Broccoli is very important for health. However, not everyone likes this. But for vitamin B12 you can eat this. Broccoli contains vitamin B12, hemoglobin and many of these elements.

Chicken: If you eat a non-vegetarian diet, you can get vitamin B12 from it. Eating chicken makes up for your vitamin B12 deficiency.

Salt fish: Fish is also a good source of vitamin B12. Salt fish can be consumed by people who need vitamin B12.

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