Computer Advantages And Disadvantages

Computer Advantages And Disadvantages

Computer’s Advantages And Disadvantages

Computer work is equivalent to about 10 to 15 humans, as much as 10-15 humans work together. The computer alone can do that much work in the same time. Through this article, we will talk about the benefits of computers and the disadvantages of computers. However computer has more advantages and disadvantages are less. But there are three types of damage nonetheless. We will mainly mention about them in this article. Which can prove to be very important for everyone, so for more information, read the article carefully till the end.

Computers are also being used to perform daily tasks of human life. The use of computers is increasing at such a rapid pace. Because computer can be done in less time and by spending less money. Which is very difficult to do by hand. Time is also spent and money is also spent more.

In modern times, the use of computers has become a common practice. In modern times computers are of paramount importance for functioning in a digital way. Today, 80% of the work is being done by computer, even old and young children are using the computer. And people who don’t have computers. He is also trying to learn computers.

Advantages of computer

The computer has become one such commonly used device for humans. Which performs all tasks very easily in a very short time. A computer is an electronic machine.

Which can be completed easily and easily with every task. In working with a computer, that work can be done with absolutely perfect method. What are the benefits of computers? Which are given below.

Fast speed

A computer works much faster than a human being. Apart from this, it also collects the work done and also performs the work in a simple way.

A computer is a type of electronic machine. Which performs any task faster. However, a computer operator is required to work on the computer. But computer can do the work of 10 to 15 people alone and with that the chances of any kind of mistake from the computer is absolutely nil.

The speed of data processed by the computer is so fast that it does not take even 1 second to process the data. Meaning that this computer works at a much faster time than humans.

A computer has the ability to process data. Which were input in a very short time. Processes the data and returns the output.

Accuracy of work

The computer processes the given input and outputs correctly. The computer counts as calculated without error. There can never be any type of problem in computer calculations.

That is why most of the work is being done through computer. Because computer shows results with much higher accuracy than humans. Humans can make mistakes in doing something for once, but the work done by it is never wrong.

The work done by the computer has extreme precision. 99.99 percent of the work done by the computer is not at fault. If there is a mistake, it may be due to the computer operator. No type of fault can ever be found in the data processed by the computer.

Storage capacity

The storage capacity of a computer is manifold compared to humans and the stored files are also found in a few seconds. All the work done by the computer is saved in the files according to order.

The storage capacity of a computer is very high. Whatever work the computer does. He keeps it stored. Until the computer operator deletes that file.

Less labor and fatigue free

The computer can work continuously for several hours at a time and there is no error in the result obtained by all those tasks. However, due to exhaustion due to continuous work in humans, many types of errors arise.

Very little hard work is done on the computer. The work you do by hand. So much hard work can be done by computer. Apart from this, you can do any work on the computer without stopping. Computer is a fatigue free device. After all, no matter what kind of obstruction occurs, nor does the computer stop producing results.

Job diversity

All those tasks in the computer can be easily done at the same speed. Work on the fields can be done on many subjects simultaneously.

A computer is a versatile machine. In which different tasks can be performed simultaneously. Multiple types of tabs can be performed simultaneously by opening several types of tabs in the computer.


Many types of work can be done in an automated way through a computer. In which the results can be obtained by inputting data with less effort.

The computer has a Tata automatic process. To process the data, you only have to provide input. The computer then projects that data and shows the output. This is the greatest quality of computer.

Communication facility

Data can be exchanged from one computer to another by computer and many important files can be sent from one computer to another room. Apart from this, files can be created in different ways to transfer data. Such as docs file, pdf file, jpg file, png file etc.

Apart from this, this computer can be connected to other computers through many communication mediums and video calls are also made, due to which two or more people can also sit and sit on the computer.

Computer damage

Whatever is an object, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. However, it can happen that the benefits of any thing are more and the disadvantages are less.

The benefits of computers are many. But there are advantages as well as disadvantages to many types of computers. Which you can read in detail below.

Reliable equipment

Computer has become a reliable tool. The result given by the computer is accurate and has become a reliable tool for the people as well.

New parts can be inserted into the computer by easily replacing perishable parts. Computers can be easily maintained and maintenance costs are also low.

Computers were invented many years ago. After that, its 4th generation has arrived. Computer deficiencies in all generations were overcome and modern computers used today are manufactured. Modern computers have absolutely no errors.

Nature friendly

Paper is required when extracting prints by computer. But it is not necessary to remove the print. That is why without paper work, paper is saved and millions of trees are saved. Because paper is made from trees. That is why computers are considered to be the protectors of nature.

Computers are considered to be nature friendly devices as there is no pollution from computers. However, there are many types of ultraviolet rays that emanate from computers.

It is harmful for the body and for mankind. But their pollution to computers is absolutely negligible. All the work in a computer is without paper. It does not require paper to do any work.

Need light

A clean environment is required to work from a computer and with this a need for light is very important. Computers cannot be used without electricity.

However, computers can be used for some time depending on many types of batteries. But a light computer will not be used for a long time.

Lack of discretion

Increased use of computers has weakened people’s mental strength. Because earlier people used to do all kinds of calculations with their minds. But as soon as the computer has arrived all the events are happening by the computer. 

People are abandoning their mind to do events. In such a situation, there is no workout of the department and people are becoming mentally weak.

Dependent on humans

Which can happen without being operated by humans. Because data processing by computer will be possible when input is put by humans. The computer is mainly dependent on humans and is operated by humans.

Computers are said to be automatic machines. But still a computer needs at least one operator to run. No computer functions like this.

Clean environment

A clean environment is required to do computer work. Otherwise the performance of the computer is greatly affected and many types of viruses and dust accumulate in the computer.

Which causes many types of problems to the computer.

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