The Caves Of Gujarat…

The Caves Of Gujarat...

Let us know about the caves of Gujarat…

  • Buddha Cave of Uparkot – Junagadh
  • Chambhalida Caves – Gondal, Rajkot
  • Buddha Caves of Talaja – Bhavnagar
  • Basement of Ajabuwat – Ranavav, Porbandar
  • Jogida’s Cave – Taranga, Mehsana
  • Cave of Hidimba – Sabarkantha
  • Cave of Hussain Doshi – Ahmedabad
  • Caves of Baba Pyara – Junagadh
  • Dhasana Caves – Gir Somnath
  • Caves of Khapra Kodia – Junagadh
  • Caves of Ekadia Dungar – Bharuch

The following caves are located in Gujarat.

  • Junagadh Caves:

There are three groups of caves in Junagadh.

(1) Bavapyara’s Cave Group: These caves are located near Bavapyaran Math. It is spread out in three rows, as well as perpendicularly connected to each other. There are a total of 16 caves, seven in the first row and five in the third row. It is probable that the beginning of AD was dug during one or two centuries.

(2) Uparkot Caves: These caves have two floors. There are steps to go upstairs. That E.S. It is believed to have been excavated from the second half of the second century to the first half of the fourth century. 

(3) Khapra-Kodia caves and caves above the kund: These caves are in ruins. From the remains found here it appears that it must have been floored. There are a total of 20 columns here. These caves It is likely to have been carved in the third century.

  • Khambhalida Caves:

Located at Khambhalida near Gondal, 70 km from Rajkot. That E.S. Shandhai was in 1959. There are three notable caves in it. The Chaityagriha with a stupa in the middle cave, the Bidhisattva standing on a tree shelter on both sides of the entrance of the cave and the large figures of some of the worshipers. Of the second century.

  • Talaja Caves:

Talaja Dungar is located near the mouth of Shetrunji river in Bhavnagar district. It is famous as ‘Taladhvajagiri’ pilgrimage. Here 30 caves have been made by carving stones. The huge gate is the main architecture of these caves. The ‘Abhelmandap and Chaityagriha here are safe and architecturally benign. These caves of Buddhist architecture date back to the third century AD.

  • Sana Caves:

These caves are located on the Sana hills on the Rupen river near Wankita village in Una taluka of Gir Somnath district. There are 62 caves like honeycombs.

  • Dhank Caves:

These caves are located on a hill called Dhankagiri in Dhank village of Upleta taluka in Rajkot district. It appears to be from the first half of the fourth century.

  • Zinzurizer:

There are some Buddhist caves in the Zenzurizer valley near Sidsar, 7 km west of Dhank village. It is believed to be from the first and second centuries AD.

  • Khapra-Kodia Caves of Kutch:

These caves are located in a hill near Old Patgarh in Lakhtat taluka of Kutch. Is. These caves were discovered by Shri KK Shastri in 1967.

  • Kadia Dungar Cave:

There are three caves on Kadiadungar in Zaghadiya taluka of Bharuch district. It is considered to be one of the finest examples of ancient Buddhist architecture. These caves are benmoon in terms of architecture. There is an 11 feet high pillar carved out of the same stone. The head of the column is usually a two-bodied and one-faced Sihanakruti.

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