Waterfalls in Gujarat


Waterfalls in Gujarat

Waterfalls in Gujarat

This is a beautiful waterfall of Gujarat where the joy of walking is never to be forgotten. How to achieve that in a fun world !! It is fun to soak in the rain during the monsoon season. What a wonderful weather nature has created. Cold, sun and water. Truly God means nature – trees-leaves, rivers-springs and oceans-oceans. All these creations make nature feel present.

The cold wind and rain that blow in the monsoon season make the mind happy. After the rain, the atmosphere becomes full of romance. That is when peace is felt. In the same way, today’s article will make you happy.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful waterfall in the monsoon season in Gujarat, you have to go to this place. There are some special places where the pleasure of going for a walk in the monsoon is never to be forgotten. So let us know the information about the waterfalls falling in Gujarat. List of waterfalls of Gujarat…

  • Girmal Waterfall (Saputara)

The falls are located at Saputar, a hill station a short distance from Surat. And with the influx of fresh water during the monsoons, this waterfall becomes lovely spectacular.

  • Hathani Mata Falls (Vadodara)

Hathani Waterfall is a short distance from Vadodara city. Which is famous all over Gujarat for its spectacular views.

  • Ninai Falls (Bharuch)

The fun of this falling water can be enjoyed near Bharuch. People enjoy bathing on the shallow stretches of the lowlands. It is a place of pilgrimage for thousands of people are view.

  • Janjari Falls (Dehgam)

Even in Dehgam in Gujarat, nature has given a lot of views. It is a pleasure to see water falling from heights at this place. And the atmosphere of the forest area makes the mind happy.

  • Zanjeer Falls (Gir)

There is a waterfall in the forest of Gir within Saurashtra. A relaxing bath can be enjoyed here. And having fun with the family is something fun.

Seeing this waterfall in Gujarat-Saurashtra-Kutch area makes you want to take a bath. For selfie enthusiasts as well as hiking enthusiasts, all this waterfall fun is especially enjoyable during the monsoon. Rainfall in monsoons increases the amount of waterfalls. The result is beautiful views.

Friends, if water is never trusted, only the Gujarati team has such a request that if you go to any place with water, take special care of vigilance.

Beautiful waterfalls of Gujarat

  • Gira Falls 

The Gira Falls in Dang District is very scenic and rugged and the water of the falls can be heard roaring as it hits the rocks.

  • Barda Falls

The view of Barda Falls flowing from Chankhal village, which is scenic from the hills and forests, captivates the tourists.

  • Chimera Falls 

The name of Chimera Falls near Songadh is very well known. This waterfall is also known as Niagara Falls in Gujarat. This place attracts a large number of pilgrims. Being active during the rainy season, this waterfall has its own unique beauty.

  • Gira Falls 

Gira Falls is a very famous waterfall in Gujarat which is found falling down in the form of Ambika River Falls near Waghai village in Dang district of South Gujarat. In the monsoon, when the water level in the river Ambika rises, the waterfall takes on a very scenic and roaring form and the water of the waterfall hits the rocks from top to bottom and makes an implicit roar.

  • Jamjir Falls

Jamjir Falls is located near Jamwala (Gir) in Una taluka of Junagadh district. Jamjir Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state. Jamwala is famous for Penda, Saffron Mango and Jamjir Waterfall. The waterfall near Jamwala is not a safe place to bathe as it falls in two different parts from top to bottom due to flooding. After the monsoon, the place is known as a beautiful picnic spot.

  • Pangarbari

Pangarbari near Dharampur in Valsad district in South Gujarat is one of the most scenic places in the wildlife. Unforgettable view of Shankar Falls can be seen near Waghwal village surrounded by dense forests of Dharampur. This view of Shankar Falls remains an invaluable souvenir for tourists for a lifetime. The falls are located in the village of Waghwal in the Sahyaddhi mountain range. It is located 6 km from the famous hill station Wilson Hill. There is also a temple of Lord Shankar near this waterfall. Shankar Falls has become a tourist attraction during the monsoon season.

  • Girimal Falls

The falls are located in the village of Girmal in the northern part of Dangs and are known as Girimal Falls. The river Gira, which originates from Maharashtra, falls down from the hills at Girmal village in Dang district. The falls have a height of approximately 30 meters. In the monsoon, when the water level in the Gira River rises, the falls take on a very beautiful shape. In the monsoon, the falls fall with plenty of water. The view of the falls from the rocks right in front of the falls is breathtaking.

  • Ninai Falls

Ninai Falls is located in the middle of Vindhya-Satpuda range of Narmada district in South Gujarat. After reaching Ninai, descend 200 steps and you can see the falls. In monsoon, there is a lot of water in the falls. The melodious musical sound of the falls in a quiet noisy atmosphere sounds very melodious. Below the falls is a cave with a small temple of Ninai Mata. Where people also do darshan. Situated amidst lush greenery and pleasant surroundings, the falls are a major tourist attraction. Thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the natural beauty.

  • Zanzari

4 km from Dabha village of Byad taluka of Sabarkantha district. Far away is the village of Zanzari. The temple of Gangeshwar Mahadev is located in Zanzari, as well as a place of natural beauty. In front of Zanzari village, the Watrak river itself falls into the rocks. The flow of this waterfall in the form of a natural waterfall creates a beautiful view. Which has become a center of attraction for tourists. The place is also known for picnics for Gangeshwar Mahadev darshan and tranquil and nature lovers.

  • Twins Falls

The falls are located near Dharampur in Valsad district. The road from Dharampur to Barumal and Wilson Hill is only 12 km. The falls are located near the village of Bilpudi. This road is also very popular among the people. The falls are worth seeing in abundant flowing water in June and November. Due to the rising water level in this waterfall during the monsoon season, this waterfall is a beautiful sight that will be remembered for a lifetime. Located in Dharampur, this waterfall has become a tourist attraction.

  • Barda Falls

Ahwa, known as the headquarters of Dang district, which is very scenic with its hilly and dense forests in the southern part of Gujarat, can be seen 10 km away from Mahal towards Mahal. From where it is only a 30 to 35 minute walk. You can also go here from Chankhal village. To reach Barda Falls from Chankhal village, one has to walk along the path of Pangdadi in the fields. This waterfall is very much flooded with rain water. The waterfall cascades down from the cliffs and falls into a pond like white milk. The view of the falls from the high cliffs around the falls captivates the tourists.

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